Hangers On

​Recently the Alt-Right has been dealing with what I call “hangers on”. These are the juvenile fools on Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube who claim the label “Alt-Right”, “1488”, or “MGTOW”. But unlike the actual practitioners, they prefer use talking points and scatological insults instead of actual thought and pointed rhetoric. These pests have been destroying the reputation of MGTOW (which I am) for a while now, and they are turning to the Alt-Right and my fashy friends to continue their destruction.

Back in early June, I was hiking around the Louisville swamp just south of Captain Capitalism’s hometown of Minneapolis. I had made the terrible mistake of forgetting to put on insect repellent, and had flies and other bugs pestering me as I walked. The most annoying were these small, harmless, yellow-striped flies. They would constantly circle me, never landing, until I finally snatched them out of the air and crushed them to oblivion. Pairs would sometimes swarm, with the second to get killed apparently never noticing what happened to his buddy until he too was flattened.

So what do bugs have to do with hangers on? Simply that they are minor pests and we should focus on our primary goals and swat them as the need arises. The bugs on my hike certainly were annoying, but they did not keep me from completing my hike and I only gave them attention when they were particularly annoying. When I did divert my attention to them, it was to crush them and prevent them from annoying me ever again. Like Davis Aurini pointed out in his excellent analysis, the hangers on are leeching on to the labels to get narcissistic supply. But I disagree with his solution. Replying to them only feeds them, even if it’s just a stupid doge. Ignoring, blocking, and ejecting them where possible denies them that narcissistic supply and deters them.

If they become particularly irksome to the point you can’t ignore them, than crush and flatten them to the point of no return. Use an amygdala hijack, discredit them, or otherwise destroy them to where they cannot recover. If they are going to waste precious time that could be used against the enemy, use that time to keep them from wasting more again.

These labels are open-ended. Despite all those who declare others “not Alt-Right” or “not MGTOW”, a label can be claimed by anyone. Unlike some, I still claim these labels. Alt-Right is still useful because it differentiates us from the Cuckservatives. I do not claim 1488, but I do support the white race (one of my fashy friends called me 1487) and the label is still useful. MGTOW is still useful to describe us who eschew marriage and other entanglements with women. Do not let the hangers on destroy these labels. Keep them. They are the interlopers, not us.

Focus on the enemy: the Elites, the SJWs, the corrupt, and the welfare parasites. Banish the hangers on when you can, ignore them if you can’t, crush them if you can’t ignore them, and go back to firing on the enemy. When the time comes to mete out justice on the enemy, know that there is nothing preventing us from meting out justice on the hangers on as well. In the meantime, also remember that these people are poor, pathetic, and miserable. Getting narcissistic supply is the only way they can feel good.

The world and those in it are corrupt, miserable, and heading for destruction. But you don’t have to be among them. Repent, follow the narrow way of Christ, and enjoy life. Go great places, do great things, and meet great people. Keep strong, and keep the faith.

Cynic In Chief

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  1. Hey buddy, it’s Ed “SavageHippie”, good to know you’re doing well! Yeah, I don’t bother debating idiots. Just do my thang and move on. The only trouble I’ve gotten is from SJWs, leftists, etc. Enjoy your travels!

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