But If Everybody’s Watching, You Know, All Of The Back Room Discussions And The Deals, You Know, Then People Get A Little Nervous, To Say The Least. So, You Need Both A Public And A Private Position.

– Hillary Clinton

As things heat up, it becomes even more necessary to separate your Alt-Right identity from your real life identity. Whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton win will determine whether it will be to simply avoid major annoyances or to prevent yourself from being jailed for “hate speech”. Either way it is needful to adopt a cloak for yourself. It is this cloak that will let you selectively control who knows your Alt-Right views. If you have become a major Alt-Right figure, like Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, or Matt Forney, then you might as well publicly embrace the label; your time of hiding it has passed. Otherwise, I would keep a lid on the most politically incorrect observations until the Overton Window shifts more to the right and they become tolerable to the general public once again.

The first step to making this cloak is to bury any Alt-Right views that you have let slip out to the wrong people. Change or delete all online indicators of your views that are tied to your real identity and instead create a pseudonym that is completely removed from your name. Change your Facebook info, delete posts about the Alt-Right, race realism, or nationalism, and do your best to cover up any tracks that you have left behind. The end result should be a sanitized online footprint that should appear normal to any Hillary-supporting HR catlady.

The second step is to adopt a front ideology that you will espouse when people start talking about politics. It must be politically acceptable to the normies and not threatening to the elites who will want to crack down and censor you. The most obvious and usually best solution is to readopt your old political views that you had before becoming Alt-Right. You had arguments, talking-points, and rhetorical points that you used back then, dust them off and begin using them again, only this time as a cover to conceal the ugly parts of the truth that you now know. If you are publicly adopting a completely new ideology, than you need to do some research into what you are supposed to be believing. You don’t need that much, most people have a very shallow view of politics, but it needs to be enough to overcome questions and challenges that the most hardened enemies of the Alt-Right might use to put you in that box and demonize you. Start posting the memes, quips, and the tired and flawed arguments you used to post. If you have publicly come out as Alt-Right then don’t come out and say that you are now X, but if someone asks you or says you are Alt-Right then distance yourself from the movement. Saying that you don’t like how radical it is becoming, claiming that the white supremacists are taking it over, or something like that should convince people that you are no longer with our movement.

Third, even with the new public views you need to have a large amount of apathy. If someone wants to pick a fight with you about something, don’t argue based on your newfound talking points, dismiss them by saying you don’t care or that it doesn’t matter. If you are a rabid Donald Trump supporter (as you should be), complain about having to choose between either candidate whenever someone asks you about them. Talk about reluctantly leaning towards Trump because he won’t start a war with Russia (true), or because we need to stop criminals coming in from Mexico and only let in the poor immigrants who just want to work (half-true), or because he might help the economy (true). Accentuate how much of a gamble electing him would be, but say that because of how messed up the country is in it’s worth rolling the dice. Being apathetic should keep any hard questions from coming up and make you blend in with all the other apathetic normies around you.

Fourth, you need to figure out who you can trust and who you can’t. I only reveal my Alt-Right views and activism to close immediate family who are sympathetic to them. Don’t trust anyone who espouses feminism, socialism, communism, or are strong leftists, even if you think they are trustworthy. They will sell you out for their beliefs in spite of what you think they will do. If someone seems receptive to the truth (excluding those in the above categories), subtly drop some simple red-pills and see how they take it. If they react favorably, drop some stronger red-pills. If they react against the truth, backtrack a bit and don’t do it again for a while. Brainwashing is often strong and politically incorrect truth is reacted against based on emotions, not reason. You can’t reason someone out of what wasn’t based in reason in the first place.

We in the broad-based Alt-Right will be the driving force behind rebuilding civilization, but most people aren’t ready for us yet. The hopelessly corrupt have yet to be destroyed and they still wield much of the power. Keep your head down and keep working behind the scenes. Don’t let your zeal for change destroy you when you could have done it a bit slower and quieter and have gotten to enjoy the fruits of your labor after it is done. Put on a cloak and work for a better life, a strong civilization, and the truth including the ugly parts.

Keep strong, and keep the faith.

Cynic In Chief

Hangers On

​Recently the Alt-Right has been dealing with what I call “hangers on”. These are the juvenile fools on Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube who claim the label “Alt-Right”, “1488”, or “MGTOW”. But unlike the actual practitioners, they prefer use talking points and scatological insults instead of actual thought and pointed rhetoric. These pests have been destroying the reputation of MGTOW (which I am) for a while now, and they are turning to the Alt-Right and my fashy friends to continue their destruction.

Back in early June, I was hiking around the Louisville swamp just south of Captain Capitalism’s hometown of Minneapolis. I had made the terrible mistake of forgetting to put on insect repellent, and had flies and other bugs pestering me as I walked. The most annoying were these small, harmless, yellow-striped flies. They would constantly circle me, never landing, until I finally snatched them out of the air and crushed them to oblivion. Pairs would sometimes swarm, with the second to get killed apparently never noticing what happened to his buddy until he too was flattened.

So what do bugs have to do with hangers on? Simply that they are minor pests and we should focus on our primary goals and swat them as the need arises. The bugs on my hike certainly were annoying, but they did not keep me from completing my hike and I only gave them attention when they were particularly annoying. When I did divert my attention to them, it was to crush them and prevent them from annoying me ever again. Like Davis Aurini pointed out in his excellent analysis, the hangers on are leeching on to the labels to get narcissistic supply. But I disagree with his solution. Replying to them only feeds them, even if it’s just a stupid doge. Ignoring, blocking, and ejecting them where possible denies them that narcissistic supply and deters them.

If they become particularly irksome to the point you can’t ignore them, than crush and flatten them to the point of no return. Use an amygdala hijack, discredit them, or otherwise destroy them to where they cannot recover. If they are going to waste precious time that could be used against the enemy, use that time to keep them from wasting more again.

These labels are open-ended. Despite all those who declare others “not Alt-Right” or “not MGTOW”, a label can be claimed by anyone. Unlike some, I still claim these labels. Alt-Right is still useful because it differentiates us from the Cuckservatives. I do not claim 1488, but I do support the white race (one of my fashy friends called me 1487) and the label is still useful. MGTOW is still useful to describe us who eschew marriage and other entanglements with women. Do not let the hangers on destroy these labels. Keep them. They are the interlopers, not us.

Focus on the enemy: the Elites, the SJWs, the corrupt, and the welfare parasites. Banish the hangers on when you can, ignore them if you can’t, crush them if you can’t ignore them, and go back to firing on the enemy. When the time comes to mete out justice on the enemy, know that there is nothing preventing us from meting out justice on the hangers on as well. In the meantime, also remember that these people are poor, pathetic, and miserable. Getting narcissistic supply is the only way they can feel good.

The world and those in it are corrupt, miserable, and heading for destruction. But you don’t have to be among them. Repent, follow the narrow way of Christ, and enjoy life. Go great places, do great things, and meet great people. Keep strong, and keep the faith.

Cynic In Chief